Family Moments

Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family

What to expect?


Every person is unique! Therefore, at All Star Family Chiropractic, your care will be designed specially for you and your individual needs.

Dr. Sandy has gone above the requirements of her Chiropractic degree and taken over 200 hours in training for the care of pregnant women and newborns. 

Your first visit is all about getting to know you. We do a thorough exam and x-rays if  necessary. 

Who should get chiropractic care?


Everyone who has a spine! Just like you have a dentist and a family doctor we recommend you have a chiropractor.


What would your teeth look like if you never brushed them?

And what would your spine look like if it was never aligned properly? (you get older faster)

Misalignments can happen at birth and learning how to walk. That is why we recommend even infants get their spines checked.

Reported Side Effects of

Chiropractic Care

Many people have reported: 

1. Better sleep

2. Improved athletic performance

 3. Improved cognitive ability (more focus and clarity)

4. Improved mobility and flexibility

5. Less inflammation

6. Increased ability to adapt to stressors

7. Improved blood flow

8. Being less sick

9. Better brain to body coordination

10. Increased energy

11. Decreases the length of labor (pregnancy)

12. Improved quality of life (we do attitude adjustments)

13. Improved health and wellness in infants and children of all ages

14. Improved posture

15. Misalignment awareness

16. And the obvious one, decreases pain and headaches